How They are Made

Iacobella, by Iacobella Gaetani, embraces time-honored Italian artisanal traditions with a highly refined and worldly sensibility to create unique pieces. Her collection is a combination of contrasting elements that defines Iacobella Naked & Sacred: cultivated, pure, traditional, contemporary and organic.

Based in Rome, Iacobella launched its first line of handcrafted leather bags, drawing inspiration from travel, nature, and local materials. From its precious stones to its sumptuous leather and meticulously hand stitched details, every component is carefully selected. To ensure the integrity of Iacobella’s creations, the production of each collection remains exclusive and small scale.

With the technical support of Florentine artisans and experts who are masters within the luxury leather market, Iacobella has created a beautiful and individual product that stands the test of time through design and redefined quality.