Introducing the NIRMALA bag

\ neer-MAH-la\

Its name originates from sansKrit, meaning one’s truest form and their pure inner light.

Like Nirmala, a crystal has the ability to absorb light and keep it within. Each bag in this collection is accompanied with a crystal quartz,

that was individually selected for its unique imperfections and rare balance of clouded transparency. Therefore, each stone is unique and their colors vary from tone to tone.

The crystals, together with hand-braided leather cords, are used as alternative enclosures to heavy metals like zippers and clasps,

allowing the bag to conserve its essence of natural materials. While supple calfskin and suede were chosen for their longevity and ability to age beautifully with time.

Handmade in Italy, each bag is carefully woven together with flat leather straps in contrasting colors, and created solely with the use of traditional methods of Italian craftsmanship.